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I am Kevin Hastie and I am a fully qualified driving instructor approved by the Driving Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA/DSA) at one of the highest grade (5). I have been teaching for over 10 years.

I work with you to give you the best chance to achieve your driving goals and make the most of your lesson time. Through the years of experience I have learnt to develop my teaching techniques ensuring that you get the best understanding.

I truly believe that everyone can pass the driving test and be a good driver. Clarity, patience, full-attention are my clues to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident ; And then, go on, at your pace we practice!

Driving in a big city such as London can be challenging at first;
Therefore, I take you step by step to whatever your level is.


Dr Richard McKay

I’d driven for nearly 20 years in North America, but I was a bit apprehensive about learning on a manual-transmission car for the first time, not to mention handling London’s busy streets. Kevin was the perfect instructor. He was always punctual, his lessons were carefully planned, and his good-humoured patience had a wonderfully calming effect. As a London resident, he is also very knowledgeable about the city, so I always seemed to be learning interesting bits of history in addition to improving my driving skills. After 10 hours of lessons with Kevin I felt ready for my practical driving test – and I passed the first time! — Photo by Alan McFarlane, 2011

Segun Konibire

Having been driving without a licence meant I had picked up a few bad habits and a false sense of confidence. Kevin had the patience to correct my errors and put me in the right frame of mind for my test. The knowledge gained was not just on how to control a vehicle and read road signs, but of road safety, and the responsibilities we each have when we get behind the steering wheel. Oh and the enjoyable conversations during my lessons were an added bonus, thanks Kevin.

Christina King

I was quite nervous about learning to drive, and when I started my lessons I was convinced every pedestrian had a death wish. But Kevin is a great instructor and before I knew it I was confident behind the wheel. He is patient, reassuring, explains everything in detail and is a genuinely nice man. I highly recommend his services!

Alexandra Guelff

I was pretty nervous about learning to drive, I’d put it off for ten years! Thankfully, Kevin is a great instructor and I went from never having sat behind the wheel before to passing my test first time. Something I hadn’t really considered before I started learning is that you’re going to spend a lot of time with the person who teaches you to drive, so it really helps if they are friendly and interesting. My examiner commented on how capable I seemed to be to drive correctly whilst chatting away with him, and I definitely owe that to good conversations with Kevin!

Rob Dicks

I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone.
He’s a great instructor, calm, knowledgeable and experienced. Always punctual, our lessons were well planned and most importantly enjoyable.

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Ben Wainwright Pearce

Kevin is fantastic, calm instructor. He helped me pass my test with ease. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

E Rex Rexhmati

I was recommended Kevin as a driving instructor by my brother and had I had to choose an instructor, I couldn’t have chosen better. From the start I found Kevin to be calming and reassuring. The lessons were structured and explained to pace that I felt comfortable and confident and more importantly at a progressive pace. The wealth of experience that Kevin has shows from the way he explains and demonstrates manoeuvres and through continuous and frank feedback. My preparation leading up to the test instilled me with the necessary self-belief and confidence in my ability that I shall pass the test. This is also another aspect which I appreciate in Kevin: managing expectations of students which is not to be found in any textbook. I passed the practice test first time round. I highly recommend Kevin.

Call me: 07849 798901
E-mail: kevinhastie18@googlemail.com
London, Islington, Hackney

Driving lessons

What can I do for you
A-Z for beginners from basic control to the test
Refresh for international drivers not used to left hand driving
Pass Plus Course for after test lessons and to update your skills
Help with theory test

Quality guarantee
Prepared lesson plan based on the DSA Syllabus
No students picked-up during your lesson
Full-hour of tuition

Where do I pick-up
I pick you up from your home, school, work, tube station, overground in N1, N5, N7, N16, E8 – Highbury, Islington, Holloway, Hackney, Kings Cross, Tufnell Park, Finsbury Park, Angel, Old Street, Hoxton, Shoreditch, Stoke Newington, Dalston, Canonbury, Haggerston*.
* If you live outside of this area, contact me as I may still be able to help you.

More about Kevin Hastie
Fully qualified driving instructor
Grade 5
Driving Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA/DSA) approved
10 years of experience

Where do I teach
I adapt the teaching area to your level from quiet roads to the motorways.

More about the car
Brand new and clean car
Dual controls

I believe that everyone can learn how to drive and become a good driver.
To make you progress in the best way, I tailor each lesson to your needs.


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Tel / 07849 798901
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